14K Heart Shaped Hollow Hoop Earrings

14K Heart Shaped Hollow Hoop Earrings

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Possess the magic shine of 14k gold hoop earrings. Either for special meeting or just for a trendy look, hoop earrings of all varieties and sizes adds a touch of glamour. Depending on the size and shape, hoops can lengthen or thin out how faces look.
Product Details
Product SKU : JG-102993
Item Type: Hoop Earrings
Length: 5/8 Inch (16.00mm)
Width: Just Under 15/16 Inch (23.00mm)
Thickness: 1.50mm
Weight: 0.41 GR
Theme: Heart
Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
Country Of Origin : Indonesia
Attribute 1: Hinged Post
Attribute 2: Hollow
Precious Metal Type : 14k Yellow Gold

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